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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Windows XP Users Waiting for Windows 9 to Upgrade

 - Microsoft wants only 13 percent of the users to stick to Windows XP beyond its retirement date

It’s no secret that Microsoft is trying everything that’s possible to convince users that sticking to Windows XPbeyond its retirement date is bad, but it turns out that not all consumers are listening.In fact, many of them are not exactly satisfied with the current Windows lineup, so they could very well wait for Windows 9 to upgrade.At the same time, plenty of XP users have only recently completed the transition to Windows 7, so moving again to Windows 8 doesn’t make much sense. Again, Windows 9 seems to be the right choice for them too.

As far as Windows 9 is concerned, word is that the operating system is set to be unveiled next year in November, with the OS to hit RTM in August 2014. The first beta build of Windows 9 is expected early next year, as Microsoft wants to collect feedback on the built-in features before releasing any stable version.
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